Stoked to share my TOP favorite podcasts from VC space. And if you struggle where to start — I'll recommend my most favorite episode for each one of them. If you're a nerd on venture and where the ecosystem is moving, you should definitely know about these:

1. The Full Ratchet

One episode per…

Not only our portfolio companies have something in common when it comes to the organizational structure. Usually, they have their tech teams (engineering & product) based distributively in Eastern Europe and the rest of the leadership team is based in either the East or West Coast.

Founders are repeatedly coming to me and keep asking the same mysterious questions.

  • How to create a better-unified culture?
  • How to scale their unique culture?
  • How to maintain the culture?

I don’t think that you want to force unifying any culture within a global organization. …

The VC talent partner role is apparently still a mystery. In this article, I want to address some of the questions that I've been asked along the way. …

Ondro! Slibuji, že to je jeden z mých prvních — ale taky posledních článků, které píšu v češtině. Když já jsem to měla tak pěkně připravené do jednoho milého českého rozhovoru a teď to jen jedním mrknutím oka dokážu zrecyklovat! Přeci to nevyhodím. 😬

Škola produktového řízení

V Productboardu jsem si poprvé uvědomila…

Tento článek slouží pouze k edukativním účelům. V žádném případě tady nedávám žádnou finanční radu, jak handlovat vaše stock options.

🗣 “Ale já o žádné Stock Options zájem nemám. Vždyť to není vůbec jistý.”

🗣 “A co to teda je? Kdy z toho budu něco mít?”

🗣 “Hele, to je asi zbytečný. Jaký jsou další benefity? A vy teda nemáte ty stravenky?”

🗣 “Přemýšlel jsem o vaší nabídce, šlo by…

I’m not an imposter. In my case, I’m simply a fraud.

This may sound familiar.

My imposter: It may not sound familiar to absolutely anyone because, Tereza, you are genuinely a lost cause.

Imposter syndrome is loosely defined as doubting your abilities and feeling like a fraud. It disproportionately affects…

Plenty of people have already reached out, asking me if I can mentor them and help them to build their personal brand. They are praising me for it. I remember that once, I received positive feedback from my manager that focused on evaluating this “skill.” …

Compensation is an emotional topic for everyone 😨 Setting up your compensation policy can be extremely stressful. I pulled this simple kit together to relieve your pain while searching for some good resources.

Hope you missed my Notion playbooks 🕹

It's time to finally introduce you (not) all the extraordinary people I've met or stumbled upon last year. Some of them are people who helped me to think about my future role as a talent partner, some of them just shared a helpful resource & others contributed to my growth…

I'd love to give you some insights into all the resources that make me constantly more efficient, inspired, motivated, and hopeful at the same time. I will be sharing more handy material in the upcoming months, but I decided to start with Slack Communities. …

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