Plenty of people have already reached out, asking me if I can mentor them and help them to build their personal brand. They are praising me for it. I remember that once, I received positive feedback from my manager that focused on evaluating this “skill.” So what’s all the buzz about?

Compensation is an emotional topic for everyone 😨 Setting up your compensation policy can be extremely stressful. I pulled this simple kit together to relieve your pain while searching for some good resources.

Hope you missed my Notion playbooks 🕹

It's time to finally introduce you (not) all the extraordinary people I've met or stumbled upon last year. Some of them are people who helped me to think about my future role as a talent partner, some of them just shared a helpful resource & others contributed to my growth within this People Operations & Tech Talent space. Learning from these people can't be to anyone's detriment, it can only enrich your actual knowledge. Here you are. My 💯 recommendations to follow the below stunningly sharp ikons.

1. Lauren Illovsky, Talent Partner — (ex) a16z, Gradient

I'd love to give you some insights into all the resources that make me constantly more efficient, inspired, motivated, and hopeful at the same time. I will be sharing more handy material in the upcoming months, but I decided to start with Slack Communities. I count on these below to keep navigating me in 2021!

There is no need to reinvent a wheel, and there are so many people that have already been at the exact same place that you are right now. They were already coping with a similar problem, and retrospectively — they know how to make it…

As you probably noticed, I am a huge Notion fan. I use it all the time for all areas of my life. It helps me to remember things.

Right now, I am discovering VC space so I decided to build my own Wikipedia with all these fantastic VC terms I had no idea they exist. I write down everything that I learn as I go.

I thought you may find this helpful whether you are a female founder, a newbie in this space, or just looking for a pitch deck template inspiration, term sheet, cap table, or just need some guidance to understand this space better to impress your investors or board members.

Check my newest library here!

You can buy it on Amazon.

This book by Sally Helgesen and Marshall Goldsmith will only take you 4 hours. And this time is definitely worth it. It is a handy road map of the “How to rise” recipe (not only) for women, but also for men, perfectionists, people who are reluctant to claim their achievements, people who are too emotional at work, imposters, and introverts.

There are twelve habits that hold women back:

  1. Reluctance to claim your achievements
  2. Expecting others to spontaneously notice and reward your contributions
  3. Overvaluing expertise
  4. Just building rather than building and leveraging relationships
  5. Failure to enlist allies from day one
  6. Putting your job before your career
  7. The perfection trap

🔗 The magic link that will take you into my Notion library.

Once you finish exploring my Notion bookshelf you will need to make some time to read…

7 Tips to help you make time to read ⏱

  1. I read first thing in the morning — actually I mostly listen to audiobooks on my daily morning run. It actually motivates me to run even more and further. To finish the book and start another one.
  2. I never leave my house without anything to read.
  3. Anytime I commute — I listen to audiobooks or I read.
  4. I talk about books with people that inspire me all the time. And then I…

I couldn’t be more excited to finally share with my network what I have been up to!

I am literally living my career dream, and I am super grateful for the opportunity to do amazing things in my life.

I will always be thankful for the opportunity I got at Productboard. I have learnt so much. And now I am absolutely thrilled to start my next adventure!

When I joined Productboard two years ago, I spent a lot of time seeking best practices, looking for frameworks, and reaching out to our investors and their talent partners who had already seen…

Looking at Ben's face I assume that I may have pretty interesting questions sometimes. And he is still persistently mentoring me. So don't be shy to ask!

At productboard, one of our core values is a relentless improvement. Our team is packed full of people who strive to be better at what they do — including me.

Sometimes, this requires me to seek expert guidance from within the company. I often have sessions with leaders from different departments where I ask for advice around setting up growth plans. Sometimes, I turn to our VC partners, who have already seen other companies in their portfolios go through the same challenges and are happy to hop on a call or make introductions.

Then there are times when I have…

The initial inspiration to share my thoughts about mastering the salary negotiations came from my fun interview call with Erika from FemmePalette 👩🏻

I felt like I need to dig deeper and study this to formulate any opinion. Back in years, I met thousands of candidates who would be struggling with communicating their own compensation expectation or employees who would not ask for raise because they do not have confidence built out, and eventually, they did — but then they would lack data to efficiently back up their main message.

Whether it’s setting expectations as a candidate or asking for…

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