Recently, I found myself trying to educate on gender development, stereotypes and diversity.

I feel women are made for brilliance and that is why I have been always fascinated by empowerment and enablement that can be easily caused just by grouping women together or bringing them into one room!

That is why I happen to be involved in various female-friendly projects and initiatives to support women in tech communities. Like ReactGirls Prague or and FemmePalette platform where I mentor talented mentees.

But I would love to dig deeper into this problematic, and understand it all.

I found a bunch of great and new resources just last week and I am happy to share them with you. This list is just 1 min read, so you can also make it in one week!

📚 Books (I can recommend):

  • Gina Rippon: The Gendered Brain
  • Sheryl Sandberg: Lean In
  • Caroline Criado Perez: Invisible Women

🐥 Twitter accounts (I started to follow):

📚 Events (I am in):

✍️ Articles (I fell in love last or some other week):